Woody Scorpio

Street furniture with an advanced function. This is Woody Scorpio.

It looks like a dynamic sculpture, but its shape is not all it is about. The attractively designed side frame carries a photovoltaic panel, which is a source of energy for charging points on the sides of the bench, or a Wi-Fi signal transmitter. The panel can be rotated to the optimal position in relation to the sun. There are also batteries and other advanced technologies hidden in the frame, enabling operation even during cloudy days or at night. Woody Scorpio is available in all shape configurations of standard Woody benches. Seats inspired by the aesthetics of stored lumber can, in addition to the basic straight version, also have the shape of an open letter V, a flat Z or, for example, a triangle or a square. The combinability with other Woody variants and other elements of street furniture has been one of the requirements in development, and the results show that this continuity works perfectly. Some variants add additional functions, such as a bicycle stand or tree protection.

Galvanized steel legs treated with powder coating. Seat and backrest made of wooden boards. Wooden boards are connected with stainless steel rods.
The bench is equipped with an adjustable 140Wp solar panel and two double USB sockets, alternatively with Wi-Fi signal transmitter with a range of 100 metres.


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