Unique design and variability. This is Pin.

A modular system that allows you to assemble almost any shelter of all shapes and sizes. It was designed in two roof shape variants. The square module can be arranged side by side and expand the roofed area in four directions. The resulting assemblies can thus be square, rectangular or any irregular shape, of unlimited width and length. The circular module can, in turn, be assembled into groups where the individual modules overlap. The inspiration from the kingdom of trees cannot be overlooked. A distinctive square network of beams creates an elegant ceiling, which is same for the circular version of the roof. The Pin responds to the operational needs and space constraints of a given space and allows you to solve in one design both a universal gazebo, a bus shelter or a bicycle shelter, as well as covered walkways between buildings. LED lighting, like rainwater drainage, is fully integrated into each module. The range also includes a universal system of glass windscreens. A novelty is a possibility of having a photovoltaic roof or a green roof.

Galvanized steel structure treated with powder coating. Roof made of frosted or coloured safety glass. Drainage system is integrated into a column. The square network of beams create a space for integrated LED lighting.


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