Oasis in the city

A cubic structure drawn in space for the most extravagant use in any type of public space. The durable and strong frame is the basis for an almost unlimited chameleonic transformation. A closed cell surrounded by wood isolates you from the outside world, the louvre wall turns the hiding place into full transparency in one go, and the filling of concrete slabs offers the anti-noise effect. Or do you prefer plants that climb the walls? You can relax on sunbeds, eat on a dining table with benches, daydream on a bed or, conversely, get some work done in an outdoor office with LED lighting and USB charging. Just a fraction of what you can find inside. The cubes can stand independently or can be connected into multi-element assemblies, be anchored under tiles or be surface mounted with their own floor. It’s a strong response to the demand for more intimacy in public space – and more.

Steel fully galvanized load-bearing frame with wall filling of various materials from wooden slats, stretched metal to cement-bonded particleboard. The floor can consist of wooden boards, a pergola-type wooden batten roof, a green roof assembly or tempered safety glass, optionally with integrated photovoltaic cells.


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