Bench as a landscape element. This is Landscape.

Long straight and wavy lines, drawn by a longitudinally divided strip of wood. The palisade of the backrest is like a counterpoint which disappears behind an indented seat. Distinctive side silhouette defining the profile. One-sided and two-sided bench without backrest, bench with raised backrest and other elements create this extraordinary range of seating elements, surpassing the usual scale and becoming itself an object in the landscape. It can serve as an ordinary park bench in short sections or as an endless dividing element with a seating function. All versions are available in straight and curved variants. The only limitation is the minimum radius of curvature given by the technical properties of the wood, which is 10,000 mm.

Galvanized steel structure treated with powder coating bears horizontally placed wooden slats on the seat and vertically placed wooden slats on the backrest. Surface mounted.


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