Introducing Roofus – the Shadowy Shelter

At the Brussels Expo for Public Space we introduced one of our newest street furniture lines: ROOFUS. As the name already predicts, this table-bench combination is equipped with a roof that shelters from sun and rain.

Roofus is a nice spot to get together. It offers loads of space for chatting, eating and working. Its design creates an entire room within a room. With its large, bright roof it provides protection from the blazing sun, which can be a real oasis in today’s increasingly hot cities. You also find a dry place to hide out from unexpected rain showers under Roofus.

The design offers different constellations to choose from that vary in table height and type of seating. It is possible to line up several structures to create a long seating accommodation.

For this fair, we have focussed on the material HPL – its qualities, its versatility as well as tips and tricks for maintenance. We love to work with High Pressure Laminate because it is light looking but extremely strong and durable. It is all-weather resistant and scribbles are easily removed. That’s why we think it is destined to gain more and more importance in the future of space planning.

Among Roofus we also showcased other new furniture lines like the modular GO range, with which you can create straight, rectangular, triangular, elliptical or completely unconventional constellations.
The design is deliberately kept simple, so even complex shapes look catchy and harmonious. You can use the configurator on our website to try out different shapes and choose between the individual modules: bench with backrest or without, with table or without, wooden surfaces or HPL – or both! Give it a GO.

Published on April 22, 2024

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