Urban Mirror

The Attractor Factor

Urban Mirror embodies the power of the reflective surfaces in creating the new social language that encourages interaction, creates a sense of belonging, and drives self-expression. A tribute to the “selfie generation” as much as those who practice mindfulness and believe in looking within and seeing beyond, Urban Mirror is proof that everything we do is a self-portrait and every moment is a diary.

Mirror has become a fundamental design element of our indoor spaces. Urban Mirror strives to become the “key” element of outdoor environments as well. Designed to highlight architectural or natural beauty or its surroundings, as much as to bring in new energy and turn traditional outdoor spaces into the meeting points of culture and wellbeing.

Initially created as a tool to help people stay stronger, safer, and healthier when exercising outdoors. Mirrors play a crucial role for the dancers, weight lifters, and yogis to enhance their form and move and often to avoid injuries. Urban Mirror strives to do the same for the outdoor environments, allowing dancers and wellness-oriented communities to take their workouts and performances outside.

Urban Mirror features a contemporary, extra-wide metal frame that can host ambient lights and speakers. The speakers can be connected to a smartphone to stream music and turn the space into the “stage” for street artists, local events, and sports workouts. With a relatively small footprint (dimensions) and elegant design, Urban Mirror blends seamlessly into the environment, yet makes a strong social statement.

Published on April 6, 2021

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