The Living Chapel Project

The Living Chapel is an architectural-landscape installation, a place of inspiration for action to combat the climate crisis, and a symbol of interfaith dialogue for the common goal of caring for our planet.

Conceived by music composer Julian Revie, a garden that induces spiritual reflection on the intimate need for a harmonious connection between humanity and nature and a program of action, supported and shared by the Vatican’s Dicastery for the Promotion of Integral Human Development, in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

The Living Chapel is set in the Calderini Garden, a picturesque garden in the heart of Roman Milan, in continuity with the remains of the entrance portico of the House of the Choirs. This space, a symbol of the encounter between the different religious visions present in the world, welcomes in its essence the peaceful logic of inter-religious dialogue, which in a natural push, apt to the “care of our common house”, induces to the spiritual reflection and to the intimate need of harmonic connection between Man and Nature.

Entering the project, one enters an intimate space defined by columnar trees, where it is possible to sit on a large circular wooden bench that, placed in the shade of a maple tree, refreshes the soul and restores the body.

This is where we at Metalco come into play, with our Cobra bench made from sustainable materials, helping to make this project special. With our product we want to best represent integral ecology and brotherhood in taking concrete actions for our planet, making the realization of this project an intrinsic formative moment of the founding values.

In particular, for the Living Chapel it was decided to use the CR model of the Cobra collection, i.e. modules consisting of curved benches without backrests and in this case without armrests, equipped with wooden seats, with supporting structure and supports in flat or sheet steel.

The intention is to convey to the current and future generations, the value of disused practices that can help to reconnect the relationship between man and nature, making them feel in close contact with the nature that is the backdrop to our everyday lives.

Published on November 11, 2021

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