San Mauro a Mare

The seafront of San Mauro a Mare, situated in the province of Forlì-Cesena, has undergone an extensive urban redevelopment and regeneration initiative, encompassing several municipalities along the Emilia-Romagna coastline. The primary aim was to establish new high-quality spaces, create fresh growth opportunities, and enhance the tourist appeal of the region, which annually welcomes millions of visitors.

San Mauro a Mare, a subdivision of San Mauro Pascoli nestled along the coast, saw its redevelopment led by the “LAPRIMASTANZA” studio. Initially, the project involved the complete demolition of the former road that ran alongside the beach, which lacked a dedicated cycle path and required replacement of street furniture and public lighting due to damage caused by atmospheric agents.

The revitalized waterfront now boasts an expanded sidewalk, a newly established cycle path, and the addition of verdant areas. Utilizing materials like architectural concrete, corten steel, and colored asphalt reminiscent of beach hues, the redesign evokes the gentle, sinuous lines of sea waves imprinted on the sand.

Lush green spaces line the pedestrian thoroughfare, imbuing it with organic shapes, colors, and fragrances, resembling a natural trail.

All street furniture elements feature a corten color palette, harmonizing with the light-toned flooring to evoke a delightful Mediterranean ambiance.

The project’s stylistic choices are rooted in the architects’ interpretation of the sea and its surroundings. The sea symbolizes movement, with people as its central focus, leading to an emphasis on pedestrian spaces over vehicular traffic. Additionally, the sea represents a haven for relaxation, where one can escape the hectic pace of daily life and immerse oneself in the tranquil beauty of nature.

This interpretation influences various design aspects, including the warm earthy tones of the road, evoking a blend of natural and historical elements.

The individual seats for this project, designed by LAPRIMASTANZA and crafted by Metalco, pay homage to local traditions, reflecting a time when residents would gather in the cool evening breeze, placing their chairs along the unpaved road to socialize and seek respite from the summer heat. Known as LAPRIMASEDIA, these seats are strategically positioned to foster community interaction, aligning with Metalco’s commitment to social connectivity.

Following the redevelopment, the seafront of San Mauro a Mare earned the prestigious Blue Flag designation, an international eco-label recognizing seaside destinations that adhere to sustainable land management practices.

PH: Lorenzo Burlando

Published on April 9, 2024

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