Metalco and H-Farm

H-FARM CAMPUS is an ambitious project: a Campus of higher education in the countryside of Treviso, located in an isolated place but at the same time international thanks to its proximity to the airport of Venice. The challenge launched by H-FARM involves the construction of buildings and services for education, in an area of 30 hectares along the Sile river, with the aim of training young people and children by merging the international school system and the use of technology at the service of learning. The complex houses children from kindergarten to university and offers services such as a reception center, a student house, a greenhouse for catering, a gymnasium with sports fields, and a large central building for the community with a library and meeting spaces.

The buildings are developed on two floors while respecting the geometry of the context and preventing the erection of physical barriers that interrupt the overall view of the surrounding countryside, experimenting with the principles of the new rurality. The large windows, patios, canopies, and internal courtyards are places from which to admire nature and be immersed in the surrounding landscape: the architecture leaves room for vegetation. The open space also becomes an educational place to stimulate the new generations to know and respect the territory.

We at Metalco are also collaborating with our H-Farm customers in this project, providing products that enrich the common areas of the campus with their design and beauty, such as our Kore product.

Refreshment points have been created thanks to our Air Circle picnic tables, which give young people the chance to relax in the open air, thus also promoting sociability, a value in which Metalco strongly believes.

Metalco also believes in eco-sustainable development and cares about the environment and wants to preserve its beauty, which is why it was decided to include Spyra bicycle racks, in order to increase the use of non-polluting means such as bicycles. Moreover, given the increase in the use of scooters on campus, it was decided to insert Momò, our scooter carrier, where you can leave your vehicle safely and without getting in the way.

In order to improve even more the aesthetic aspect and to safeguard the environment, Yes baskets have been designed and then inserted into the campus, made of Corten steel with important functionality that teaches our kids the love for our land.

Published on December 3, 2021

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