DOHA – Development and Beautification Project

Doha is the capital city of the State of Qatar, has 60% of the total population of the entire State and is the city where the seat of the country’s government is located. Located on a small peninsula of the much larger Arabian Peninsula, Qatar borders only with the United Arab Emirates and the Persian Gulf.

In 2010, FIFA chose Qatar to host the 2022 World Cup and in view of this international event, the capital Doha was the subject of a major project, the “Doha Central Development and Beautification Project”.

The project aims to innovate the city to adapt it to the rapid urban growth it is experiencing while preserving what is the socio-cultural identity of the Country. The committee that supervises the project has been careful to decorate the seafront with lampposts that recall the silhouette of palm trees, which are a distinctive element of the country’s cultural heritage, and to create pedestrian underpasses and squares to facilitate the movement of people in the different places of interest and meeting. In the underpasses, sculptures and works of art, created by various Qatari artists, have been installed. Furthermore, the paths were paved using natural stones, such as granite, which reflected the historicity of the area.

The vice president of the project’s Supervisory Committee, Sara Kafood, said that this project also aims to promote a healthier lifestyle and invite people to exercise. For this reason, cycle paths have been created to connect the three main squares and the green areas have been enlarged.

The project also includes a series of works on the infrastructure. The implementation of the rainwater drainage system and the enlargement of the collection tank; improvement of electricity, water and communication networks; the installation of new cameras and the repaving of the streets.

The “Doha Central Development and Beautification Project” also foresees the renewal of the old and ruined street furniture, to be more in line with the new look of the city and to invite people to experience the new open spaces more. A modern design, but which conveys the feeling of historicity desired by the client.

In this context, the products signed by Metalco were chosen, in particular, because the concrete mixture of Reconstituted Granite Stones, with which they are made, recalls the granite used in the paving of avenues and sidewalks.

Several thousand products, including litter bins, benches, and bollards from the Metalco Collections (Ametista, Rubino, Rivola, Inside, Sarah) have been installed in view of the 2022 World Cup and in line with the 2030 National Vision.

The installation was carried out by Professional Partners Trading at the A-Ring Road, the B-Ring Road, Grand Hamad Street, Doha Exhibition Park and Al Biddha Park.

The result is a city ready to be filmed by cameras from all over the world.

Published on December 21, 2022

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