Colwyn Bay Waterfront Project

The Colwyn Bay Waterfront Project has been a significant investment in the redevelopment of the city’s waterfront. This project, led by Alun Griffiths and designed by BCA Landscape, extended the coastal defenses from Colwyn Bay Beach to Rhos on Sea, a popular seaside resort in North Wales.

The new 3.7-kilometer-long promenade was designed to protect the city and its infrastructure from the effects of the sea and climate change. Artform Urban, distributor of Metalco in the UK, was tasked with providing a comprehensive package of urban furnishings as the final touch of the project.

The choice of products was influenced by the local microclimate, as the salty sea air has a corrosive effect on some metals. For this reason, only stainless steel 316, galvanized steel, or powder-coated aluminum could be used for the metal elements in the urban furnitures. In addition to resisting environmental effects, these materials also offer durability in use and protection against damage and vandalism.

Granite emerged as the preferred material due to its good performance in coastal environments and its ability to maintain its appearance for years. For this reason, Metalco’s range of reconstituted granite and concrete products is ideal for coastal projects. This range includes seats, benches, planters, waste bins, and bollards, all characterized by superior durability and elegant design.

Anastasio – Makatite Benches

To ensure continuity from the previous phase, the monolithic concrete Anastasio and Makatite benches were continued along the new stretch of coastline. These benches offer durability with an elegant and minimalist design, enhancing the aesthetic continuity of the promenade.

Break Time Tables and Chairs

Recognizing the need to accommodate new visitors, the client specified the requirement for accessible tables and chairs for dining and socializing. Many of the installed units have spaces without seats to allow wheelchair access.

Bailo Seats

To match the colorful theme, Bailo seats with powder-coated aluminum frames in pastel blue and green run in linear installations along the promenade. The advantage of cast aluminum is its design flexibility without compromising robustness. Bailo seats feature intricate and high-quality profiles that exude elegance and style.

Live Loungers

The brightly colored Live chaise longue loungers have become a popular addition, offering one of the most comfortable spots with a reclining view of the sea. These loungers feature powder-coated frames in lemon yellow, pure orange, pastel green, and light blue, with composite wood slats, and also include a mini table.

Kore Seats

For the first time in the UK, the award-winning Kore range of wave-shaped benches was installed. This range is a highlight of the promenade, with eye-catching designs that invite users to sit, relax, and socialize.

We are all proud to have been key players in transforming Colwyn Bay Beach’s waterfront into an inviting, lively, and functional space. The community has embraced the new space, and residents have affectionately nicknamed the area “Rhos on Sea,” reflecting their pride and satisfaction with the improvements.


Published on June 21, 2024

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