Caring Island: A New Paradigm for Inclusive Sociality

Metalco, one of the largest manufacturers of street furniture in the world and a leader in the design of outdoor and indoor solutions for public and private spaces, presents a new product with a bold and innovative style: Caring Island.

We are talking about a new type of urban furniture developed by Holscher Design for the company Metalco “adult-sized”: a welcoming oasis for all those adults who are called to take care of children. This project, born from a fruitful dialogue with Inglesina, the company that for over 50 years has been close to children around the world, introduces innovative elements that normally would not find space in public places.

Caring island was born from the hope of creating meeting places for young families, giving them the opportunity to relax with their children in a different context than that of staying at home.

Characterized by circular pavilions, inspired by natural spaces, which become real modular equipped areas. These structures are equipped with changing tables, benches for breastfeeding, parking for strollers, and seats and tables: the ideal place to help adults to stay close to children, in maximum comfort, and in full sociality.

This new structure, with its attractive and innovative design, responds to all the needs of both adults and children, thanks to its ability to be adaptable to multiple contexts.

The outdoor structure is composed of two different functional areas. The first is equipped with a circular shading structure, a semicircular panel that protects both a surface that serves as a changing table, and a system of seats with backrests dedicated to breastfeeding. The area is also equipped with two painted steel structures that serve as parking spaces for baby carriages and baby carriages.

The second area is equipped with vertical decorative elements, a circular fence that identifies a protected play area for children, a system of stools, and a round table for children.

To enrich this first version of the structure, a second area is added, equipped with a circular shading structure, a system of backless benches with a round table, a system of stools with a round table for children, and vertical decorative elements.

A plus that still characterizes this new type of furniture is the presence of a third area, also equipped with an S-shaped steel structure that serves as a parking space for baby carriages and strollers, a cylindrical basket with a steel structure, a system of backless benches arranged in an “S” shape, a round table and vertical decorative elements.

This is what urban furniture does, it fulfills a fundamental role: that of taking care of us to allow us to live in collective spaces, indoor and outdoor.

Published on October 27, 2021

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