Memorial Garden for the Paris Attacks on the 13 November, 2015

The 13th November garden will be realised for the 10th anniversary of the Paris attacks in autumn 2025.

The Garden is located in Paris city centre, just behind “Hotel de Ville de Paris”, Paris city council.

The concept focuses on the memory of the six attack sites and the brutality of this tragic event on the Paris grounds and terraces. It establishes itself as a symbol of life and happiness.

In that way, the garden structure interprets the plans of the six sites/districts where the attacks occurred. The six plans become the structure of the garden alley and reference Parisian streets.

The garden seems to emerge from the ground in a chaotic and disturbed soil of stones to remind brutality and this image of unusual Paris that all citizens keep in mind from this tragedy. Inside the garden, a peaceful meadow helps people to recollect events and victims in front of six steles placed on the location of the attacks. Steles are composed of huge stones with victim names, a bench where to sit, rock garden behind the bench.

The Garden will be realised in spring 2025, just before the 10th year of memory.


Ville de Paris – Paris City Council


Wagon Landscaping (leader)

Gilles Clément

SOJA architecture

AREP – technics and structure

JM Dreyfus Historian specialist on memory

Pratiques Urbaines, urbanist

Monono, sociologist

Biotope, environment engineers

Cronos City Lab, Security and Surety


3 500 m² / 3 M°€

Published on December 15, 2022

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