MDT-Tex, with its expertise in Membrane Design and Technique, has been a global leader for over 30 years, specializing in innovative sun protection systems, membrane constructions, and custom textile architecture. Headquartered in the USA and Germany, with operations extending across Australia and a comprehensive network of facilities worldwide, MDT-Tex represents excellence in textile architecture.

Our product range, including the Type S16 Tension Umbrella and Wooden Umbrella Type H, demonstrates our commitment to innovative and versatile sun protection solutions. Our offerings encompass advanced parasols, shade structures, solar carports, urban furniture, and more, characterized by their quality, functionality, and design aesthetics.

MDT, standing for Membrane Design Technology, reflects our approach of combining technical expertise with high-quality, sophisticated designs. As an implementer of visionary architecture and landscaping projects, we have established a dynamic and innovative presence in the global market. Our extensive experience and diverse product portfolio cater to both industry professionals and consumers, delivering standardized and customized functional shelter systems worldwide.

Our engineering team is adept at producing large-scale structures, including single-pole constructions up to 25×25 meters (82×82 feet), using our high-quality PTFE Teflon woven fabric. This showcases our capability to create robust and aesthetically pleasing outdoor solutions.

Opt for MDT-Tex for unparalleled expertise in sun protection systems and transformative textile architecture, where pioneering design, global reach, and technical mastery redefine outdoor spaces.

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