The SIT TOGETHER Climate-Adaptive Bench

MDT-Tex, in collaboration with TOPOTEK 1, proudly presents the future of urban furniture: the SIT TOGETHER climate-adaptive bench. This innovative dual-sided design addresses the unpredictability of the climate, offering warmth or coolness as needed. A fusion of European seating culture and Persian climate wisdom, the bench is crafted for sustainability and social connectivity.

SIT TOGETHER beautifully combines the heritage of European seating with the smart functionality of Persian climate control. Engineered for comfort in any season, the bench offers various sitting angles and uses thermal mass and convection to maintain temperate zones—warm and cool—for relaxation. An integrated cooling tower ensures shade and relief from the sun’s intensity, making it a perfect retreat no matter the weather.

Embracing Climate Adaptation

In the face of climate change, it’s crucial to develop innovative strategies for managing and using public spaces. SIT TOGETHER represents a collection of urban furniture that responds to weather conditions in different climatic zones. This range of benches is designed to extend the window of comfortable outdoor conditions and enhance the quality of public spaces, encouraging social interaction and a connection to nature.

Four Climatic Zones, Four Unique Benches

The SIT TOGETHER collection initially features four benches, each tailored to a specific climatic zone: the Mediterranean, temperate, arid, and tropical zones. Each bench intelligently utilizes material properties to respond to local weather conditions, creating inviting seating areas where people can come together despite ongoing climatic changes.

Showcased at Interni Cross Vision

One of the featured projects at Interni Cross Vision is the prototype of SIT TOGETHER. This design transcends conventional boundaries by seamlessly blending European furniture traditions with the climatic wisdom of Persian chimneys. The bench’s base asymmetrically encircles a hollow aluminum cooling tower, creating built-in climate conditioning. By integrating convection principles and thermal mass, SIT TOGETHER embodies the exhibition’s spirit of transversal thinking, fostering encounters between tradition and innovation, nature and artifice.

A Cultural Dialogue

As visitors engage with this cultural dialogue, they are invited to reflect on the evolving role of design in response to climatic and environmental changes. The SIT TOGETHER bench echoes the exhibition’s mission to foster a sense of joy grounded in sustainable practices and diverse cultural perspectives.

Designed by TOPOTEK 1 in partnership with @MDT-Tex. Supported by Mapei Italia.

Photos by Internimagazine and Mapei.

Published on June 4, 2024

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