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Location: The Netherlands / Utrecht / Type: Parks / Built: 2013 /
Show on Google Maps / Published on May 14, 2013

West8: This May the first 900 meters of the 3.5km pergola structure at  Maximapark was completed. This section of the pergola forms an open and transparent barrier surrounding the North-East side of the Binnenhof. It defines the borders of the Binnenhof, and marks the transition from one atmosphere into another.

The pergola’s detailed gateways and its ecological and botanical content also make it an attraction in itself; it is a crossing point to experience before entering the hidden paradise. Climbing plants occupy the construction which is adorned with ferns, moss and other vegetation. In consultation with ecological experts places for shelter and nesting for different animals are fitted in and under the pergola. In this way the park pergola gives nature more space and at the same time brings it within reach of the park’s visitors. The idea is that local stakeholders such as residents, school classes or natural associations can help taking care of their ‘own’ planter which will eventually become an ecological supplement to the Binnenhof.

The Pergola’s unique elevated honeycomb-elements, made from durable concrete, with supporting columns formed as gateways, make it a functional ecological display and a recognizable entrance to another world. Because of the length of the p-park pergola, new ecological connections can originate on a large scale; the pergola follows a route by which it crosses and accentuates the different parts of the park.

Landscape Architects: West8
Project name: Máximapark (formerly known as Leidsche Rijn Park)
Constructed: 2013
Competition: 1997
Client: Project Development Leidsche Rijn

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