Masmo Solhagaparken

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Location: Stockholm / Sweden / Type: Infrastructure / Parks / Playgrounds / Built: 2015 /
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In Masmo, one can find one of Stockholm’s most spectacular metro entrances. A tall mountain with raw cliffs and pine trees serves as a backdrop to a square where the entrance to the station is tucked away in a concrete cassette in the rock. The mountain is prominent and dignified, but it’s as if it – in the hustle of everyday life – it has never truly been seen. A distracting, elevated planting, formerly the main focal point located in the middle of the square has in LANDs design been removed. Instead, a large open space, with a grid of red and orange vertical poles emphasizes the majestic, bare mountain rocks. One of the large crevices is mirrored on the ground as a stylized crack of crushed glass and grassy ridges. When darkness falls, the mountain becomes illuminated, revealing its intricate texture. A large wooden box functions as a protective casing for district heating pipelines as well as being a meeting or waiting spot.

Around the same time as the development of the station, just adjacent, an activity park, Solhagaparken, was constructed. Once again with the involvement of LAND in close dialogue with Huddinge municipality and the nearby school. A path leads directly from the square in front of the station down to the activity park. Several design elements found around the metro entrance recur in the park. For example, the red poles and prefabricated metal-clad concrete pipes, functioning as both seating, planters, and play equipment. The design in Masmo is an example of how, with a small project budget, a significant change can be achieved. By using standard equipment, such as the poles that are typically used in orienteering or the concrete cylinders that normally functions as water cisterns underground, and by recycling and reusing material, like the granit slabs, the design could be kept in the cheaper range.

Masmo Solhagaparken was nominated for the Swedish Landscape Architecture Awards, the Sienna Prize in 2018.

Project Data

Landscape Architecture: LAND arkitektur

Team LAND Arkitektur: Anders Kling, Sofia Nylén, Therese Lemos and Marta Wännman

Client: Huddinge municipality

Project location: Masmo metro station, Sweden.

Design year: 2012-2013

Year constructed: 2013-2015

Photo credits: Ulf Lundin

Other designers involved: Michael Hallbert (lighting), Y2 Anläggning, Spentab (Contractor)

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