relais Landschaftsarchitekten: Maselakepark is the defining element in the new park which accompanies the River Havel along 1.1 km of its shoreline. The park forms a significant section of the Spandau Water City’s Riverside Walk. Preexisting qualities in the location constituted the starting points of the design. These were underlined by specific landscape architectural interventions to form the identity of the park. A generously proportioned promenade creates a ‘hard’ water’s edge reminiscent of Spandau’s old ramparts and the industrial quayside of Nordhafen. The original cobblestones were reused but interrupted by large-format concrete pavers which retrace the characteristic lines of the old docks. Concrete elements retain the low-lying quay section of the promenade.

The wall is transformed at intervals into seating steps. Integrated stairs lead down to the quay level, where visitors may while away some time dangling their feet in the water and enjoying the activity of the harbour. The ‘Havel balcony’, projecting out over the water, marks the end of the park. Both landmark and viewpoint, it opens up a vista over the far-reaching Havel landscape. The ‘soft’ shoreline along the eastern part of the new park with its impressive stands of alders and willows are formulated as a natural riverbank. Gently undulating meadows form a variegated shoreline of varying inclination. Reedbeds are positioned between the shore and the river. A green band of willow shrubs creates a clear spatial division between the park and the city, ensuring the functionality of the park regardless of developments in the adjacent building lots.

Project: Maselakepark
Location: Berlin
Landscape architecture: relais Landschaftsarchitekten
Client: Land Berlin / Wasserstadt GmbH
Design and construction period: 2005-2007
Area: 43.000 m2
Fotos: Stefan Müller
Sketch: relais Landschaftsarchitekten

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