Marktplatz in Bünde

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Location: Germany / Type: Squares and Plazas / Built: 2014 /
Show on Google Maps / Published on January 22, 2021

A new character of the square is proposed, that offers the necessary multifunctionality for events and also forms a clear and identity-creating expression. Areas are regained from car traffic and made available for comprehensive use such as markets, events, gastronomy, water games and green qualities. The extended schoolyard and 200 parking spaces for bikes align in relation to the building of the highschool. The square is taken by its edges and from there it’s provided with quality of life and invitation to stay. The extended schoolyard and the bike parking spaces are covered by a loose planting of Amur maple (Acer ginnala), which in their arrangement reminds of the shape of an abacus. Westward to Marktstraße the marketplace displays its self with “Green Arcades”. The area of Marktstraße is included in the design of the square and forms a “shared space”.

Role of your office in the project: Landscape design and planning work phases 1-8 HOAI


Other designers involved in the design of landscape:

trabitzsch dittrich architekten gmbh (Hamburg), Ingenieurbüro Hans Tovar & Partner (Osnabrück), Burkhard Wand Lichtplanung (Hamburg)

Project location: Marktstraße, 32257 Bünde, Germany

Design year: 2012

Year Built: 2014

Manufacturer of urban equipment:

design of the bicycle stand and the bus shelter by us, manufactured by MHB GmbH; design of the bench with an integrated junction bos by us, manufactured by Gödde-Beton

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