Märkisches Zentrum

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Location: Berlin / Germany / Type: Squares and Plazas / Built: 2014 /
Show on Google Maps / Published on February 26, 2015

The Märkisches Viertel is an aged urbanistic vision of the 1960´s. Through the decades the neighborhood experienced a lot of changes and adoptions that were uncoordinated and without any planning purpose. The idea of a networked and cohesive space continuum is not readable anymore, particularly because of the different kind of built-in components and surface materials. For the inner centre of Märkisches Quarter we suggest a new Masterplan for the public space!

The structural diversity of the buildings, developed through time, can be seen as an autonomic quality. To visualize this quality it is necessary to have an coherent experience of public spaces. Starting at the cultural centre of the quarter – the Fontane House – spins a net of new hierarchic axis and paths that develop a new relation. Within this comprehensive plan single actions and adoptions are newly designed, particularly points of intersection at adjacent streets and entrance areas of the Fontane-House. The formal origin of the newly designed public spaces are the black quadratic natural stones on the platform in front of the main entrance. Color and format are now spreading out all around the community center providing a new surface for all the diverse built structures. White implants, such as the linear concrete benches, little minisquares and the large X-bench reflect the color scheme of the Fontane-House-facade, while the yellow Gingko trees echo the historic look of the 1960´s buildings. The new X-Bench marks the entrance and is also noticeable in GoogleEarth for all generation users.

Landscape Architecture: MAN MADE LAND
Title: Märkisches Zentrum
Typology: City square and Masterplan
Location: Märkisches Viertel, Berlin Reinickendorf
Architecture: Nemesis Aesthetics, Kassel
Client: Land Berlin
Budget: 0.7 Mio. € (BA 1-2)
Size: 5.100 m2
Competition: Competition & Assignment (BA 1-2)
Completion: 2012-2014
Photos: © Hanns Joosten

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