Maria Martori Park

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Location: Spain / Type: Parks / Residential Parks / Built: 2008 /
Show on Google Maps / Published on February 26, 2013

AAB Arquitectes – Jofre Roca Estudi d’Arquitectura: The urban park arises from a very clear conceptual scheme of paths and spaces. A diagonal is introduced to allow a shortcut from the various entrances of the park and it is emphasized by a pergola and a linear bench, which also defines a zoning change. The playground area extends from the bench to the granite seats that correspond roughly to the existing ones but moved a few meters towards the pergola. This shift has been raised to give more space and promote the use of the ground floors. Numerous fountains and two tree rows are placed in the park. The public lighting is characterized by street lamps designed specifically for this park.

On the other hand, a greatly softer area is created in the southern side of the pergola. In that zone, a series of complementary elements to stretch or practice gymnastics accompany the paths to be followed walking or running. There, the trees are placed irregularly, combining evergreens and deciduous species so that the park has a chromatic variety along the four seasons of the year. Last but not least, several children games complement the various uses of the park. In a nutshell, a park meant for the stimulation of the senses.

Design team: AAB Arquitectes – Jofre Roca Estudi d’Arquitectura
Location: C. Vilanova d’Escornalbou 2. Mont-roig del Camp, Spain
Property: Mont-Roig del Camp City Hall
Design: 2006
Construction: 2007-2008
Area: 5.500m2
Budget: 625.000€
Text & image credits: AAB Arquitectes – Jofre Roca Estudi d’Arquitectura

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