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MARELD landskapsarkitekter

Sweden /

MARELD Landscape Architects are a practice based in Gothenburg, Sweden. Our field of work is landscape architecture in all scales, from planning and urban design to detailing, implementation and aftercare.

Over the years MARELD has won several domestic and international competitions and has grown to a team of over 20 landscape architects, engineers and urbanists. 

At MARELD we pride ourselves on our approach to our project works and are always striving for new ways in which we can engage clients, consults and end users in the design and delivery of public spaces.  As a practice we are constantly developing our communication techniques through dialogue, open discussions, seminars and workshops. We also like to test our ideas at 1:1 scale and we are not afraid of working with temporary works if they help us gain a better understanding of the project and the projects users.

We approach all project works with “Passion and Courage”. We pride ourselves on this.  


We work with passion (otherwise why do we do what we do…). We believe in difference and care in sustainability and holistic solutions. We believe in collaboration, in listening and learning from others each day. Playfulness, curiosity and engagement continue to push us further, to test new boundaries.


As landscape architects we firmly believe that we can positively contribute to the world that we live in. We benefit from experience and proven knowledge but at the same time we have the courage to break with old thoughts and outlooks. We have the courage to clearly state and defend our values.


A broad team of employees with different backgrounds, interests and competences creates the steam in MARELD’s engine. Such variation brings new know-how and understanding to the office, which ensures innovative, high quality and open-minded approach to our work. It is our firm belief that teamwork delivers the results that matter. As an organization MARELD is open and flexible, enabling every employee to contribute to the success of the practice.

Published on February 28, 2022

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