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Published on November 7, 2011

Studio Baccari: Malerbe is a site especific work of the landscape designer Stefano Baccari included in Patricia Urquiola’s “O’Clock. Design of the times, time of design” curated by Silvia Annicchiarico and Jan van Rassem, which the Triennale Design Museum presents at the Milan Triennale from the 11th of October until the 8th of January 2012. The project originates from a topic which is particularly dear to the designer, common weeds. “They are real and strong, outside of every scheme, and every project. Their nature is revolutionary. They fill empty spaces, and adapt themselves to environmental challenges. They begin their life by chance, even in the middle of the road, and they take possession of space, even the cracks in the asphalt” says Stefano Baccari. He adds ”every weed has its own qualities, its own energy, its own intrinsic poetry. They are an integral part of the rural landscape as well as the urban one, indifferent to social contexts. The selection of wild plants is a provocation, a reaction to discrimination even within the plant environment, to try to stimulate research on biodiversity and thus try to improve ecological management of the environment.” Malerbe is a new form of vertical plant growth, where the visual impression of asphalt dominates the scene. The asphalt is nothingness – the absence of any form of life, the denial of development, while plants are the life force, prosperity, energy, change, evolution.

Design: Stefano Baccari (Studio Baccari)

Technical details
The panel is the scenic reconstruction of a strip of a fresco representing the road; asphalt, cracks, manhole covers, road signs, weeds.

Size 4,60 m x 3 m

Plants used:

plantago maior
euphorbia prostrata
euphorbia helioscopia
portulaca oleracea
malva sylvestris
bellis perennis
diplotaxis erucoides

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