Majorstuen School

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Location: Norway / Oslo / Type: School / Squares and Plazas / Built: 2014 /
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Østengen & Bergo: Majorstuen School is housing 800 pupils in a small, urban space in the center of Oslo. The five floors building was built in 1908 and the entire school facility are related to conservation interests. Our aim with the project was to establish a central, pedestrian entrance to the school. As well to link the narrow outdoor areas together and maximizing the limited space for play and stay. To see Majorstuen School in a larger, urban context was important in relation to exploit nearby urban spaces as a part of the school area. E.g. we are now designing an adjacent plaza as a skate park. We wanted to preserve the historic feel of the schoolyard, choosing neutral colors and the existing, large linden trees to characterize the area. Majorstuen School offers special education for young talents in classical music. Therefore music was chosen as a main motive both for decor and playground equipment. Today the school yard is experienced as a classical and playful plaza in the city.

Project Data

Landscape architect: Østengen & Bergo Landscape Architects
Location: Oslo, Norway
Client: Undervisningsbygg Oslo KF
Architect: Arkitektkontoret Gasa
Type of project: Primary and secondary school
Realization: 2014
Image credits: Jiri Havran, Østengen&Bergo

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