The Ogden Collection: The Original MVP of Outdoor Versatility

Transform outdoor spaces with the original MVP of outdoor versatility – the Ogden Collection from Maglin Site Furniture. With its innovative modularity, Ogden allows you to tailor seating solutions precisely to your spaces, offering an unmatched level of design flexibility.

The Ogden Collection draws its inspiration from the success of a custom curved bench that Maglin crafted for the Ogden International School of Chicago more than a decade ago. Since its introduction, Ogden’s modular design and customizable details have made it a staple of Maglin’s standard product lineup.

Ogden empowers you with adaptability and responsiveness, enabling you to precisely customize backed and backless, curved, circular, and straight benches for your space. Make waves with a serpentine bench, create comfortable seating on a wall top, or make a bold statement with a striking mitered 90° corner. Whether you’re planning a new outdoor area or enhancing an existing landscape, Ogden effortlessly adapts to your site’s requirements. Choose from various radii, materials, and leg or mounting options to perfectly align with your vision.

The Ogden Collection offers a wide range of material choices, including Ipe wood, Thermally Modified Ash wood and High Density Polyethylene (HDPE).

Optimize the arcs, curves, and straight lines of your Ogden bench by adding minimalist-inspired, all-steel Ogden tables that invite users to really lean into their leisure time, take their remote work outdoors, or catch up with friends over a latte. Offered in two convenient sizes, Ogden tables are designed to nestle into the inner or outer curves of Ogden benches but have a clean and streamlined design that pairs well with any Maglin seating.

Coming soon: Ogden will be expanding once more with a brand-new table that perfectly aligns to match the radius and flow of your Ogden Bench offering you a truly personalized and harmonious design experience.

Designing with Ogden is easy using Maglin’s online interactive 3D Product Builder platform. Configure and price your Ogden layout, choosing materials, mounting options, accessories, and colors before placing your order. With Ogden, the possibilities are endless.

Published on August 16, 2023

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