Introducing ROMA Sun Shade: Perforated to Perfection

ROMA’s flower-like form is inspired by the Vinca blooms that burst to life over the plains and hills of the Italian peninsula in early summer. While appearing light and delicate, the ROMA Sun Shade embodies the resilience of its botanical muse.

Crafted from lightweight aluminum, the ROMA Sun Shade offers exceptional durability and stability, reinforced by a stainless-steel post capable of withstanding snow loads of over 200 lbs. Its aluminum composition sets it apart from other metals, ensuring a cooler shade experience even under the scorching sun.

A collaboration between Maglin and GIBILLERO Design, ROMA introduces two distinct perforation patterns: Summit and Fusion. These stunning patterns provide shade and partial protection from rain and coordinate with the Maglin FLEXX panel system, seamlessly integrating into surroundings and enhancing any urban landscape.

ROMA is tamper-proof, fully recyclable, and available in premium finishes that provide maintenance-free protection to thrive through every season. It is also available in all 14 standard colors, allowing for easy integration into any urban design scheme.

From public parks and city sidewalks to private courtyards, ROMA Sun Shade is a versatile addition that is bound to leave a lasting impression and elevate any outdoor space.

Published on May 23, 2023

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