Lørenskog Square

Østengen & Bergo AS landscape architects MNLA: The project includes the detailed design and construction of a central square in connection with the forming of a new center in Lørenskog, a suburb to Oslo. L2 Architects have designed the building that surrounds an enclosed urban space. The surrounding building houses cinema, performance halls and entertainment venues. The central square is designed as a comfortable and pleasant gathering place for the local residents. The square accommodates seating, fountains, plantings and is beautifully lit at night.

The square, as well as the building, are designed to be universally accessible, following the principles for universal design. The principles are included in the overall space design as distinct, formal design elements. Detectable warning paver, tactile pavers and accessible routes are integrated as circular arches in the surface texture of the flooring. Detailing of the steps emphasize the curved lines that unfold in the space. Water elements form curved arches that are displayed in the design.

Materials and vegetation

The materials and colors used in the space design are carefully tuned and adapted to the site. The main material for the flooring in the square is light grey granite, with parts of dark stone. A maple tree (Acer tataricum ssp ginnala) is placed in a specially designed metal urn. The urn is disc shaped, about 5m in diameter, set in a warm, earthy red tone. Ground cover planting fills the urn. A fountain of 18 water jets springs up directly out of the flooring. During the summer season the water feature will give the space a fresh and playful atmosphere with its constantly changing water and soft sound. Stairs along the long glass façade creates a connection between inside of the building and the square itself. As well as freestanding chairs and benches, will the stairs along the building serve as seating. This gives the square an altogether wide variety of informal seating options. Green walls are formed with climbing plants on trellises placed on the façade. The square is widely used in the evenings and lighting is an important feature in the design at night. LED-lights are inlayed in steps and contribute to define the curved lines of the square. The façade of the building and the maple tree are lit up in with lighting in warm tones.

Landscape architecture: Østengen & Bergo AS landscape architects MNLA
Architect: L2 architects AS
Location: Lørenskog, Norway
Design: 2008-2010
Construction: 2011
Area: 1,8 daa
Budget: 1 630 000 Euro
Image credits & text: Østengen & Bergo landscape architects AS

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