Lineair Park, Public Space, Urban plan and Bridges

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Location: Blaricum / The Netherlands / Type: Residential Parks / Built: 2021 /
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The Blaricummermeent is a new residential area with approximately 1100 homes. Since 2004, LOOSvanVLIET has been engaged as Urban Designer, Landscape Architect and Supervisor of the area. The plan is characterised by traditional Blaricum set-up of winding roads and a green appearance. An important part of the urban development plan is the construction of a new river. This ‘Meentstroom’ connects the existing water from neighbourhood ‘the Bijvanck’ with the lake ‘Gooimeer’.

The greenery in the Blaricummermeent is concentrated in a linear park that runs along the new river. The river is inspired by a branch of the river ‘Eem’ that must have run there centuries ago. The 2.5-kilometre-long park connects the existing greenery of the Bijvanck with the recreation area ‘Voorland Stichtsebrug’. The reed banks along the river serve as an ecological connection with the natural banks of the lake. The park is situated on the east side of the river, and is accessible to everyone. It has a special layout with perennials, grasses and a number of beautiful solitary park trees, which are increasing biodiversity by attracting bees, butterflies and birds. The colour of the plants ranges from cultivated bright in the middle to natural yellow-green at the Gooimeer. The paths, which are made of concrete, are suitable for skaters and the disabled. In the park there are some specials; a flower picking garden, a football field, a natural playground and a fitness spot.

The neighbourhood is separated from the lake by the ‘Zomerkade’. A floodgate has been built in this dike to create a water connection with the lake. The lock has been designed as a cut in the dike and is covered with wood on the top and inside to create a warm entrance for boats.

The infrastructure is characterised by straight residential streets based on the old polder parcelling. In addition, there are winding roads with recognisable avenue planting. The street profiles are narrow with a very green character. The public space has a high-quality layout with streets made of baked bricks and squares made of natural stone. The squares each have a special, large, solitary tree that gives identity to the place. They also mark road junctions and act as landmarks in the plan and provide shadow to prevent heatstress.

The fourteen bridges crossing the Meentstroom all belong to the same family. They are an extension of the hedges along the roads of the main structure. This is why they cross the river both at right angles and diagonally. In order to emphasize the continuation of the roads, a simple bridge deck was chosen with an eye-catching fence on top. The fencing is designed as an artificial hedge. It refers to the hedges along all the roads which determine the image of Blaricum and De Blaricummermeent.


Other designers involved in the design of landscape: Bureau B+B until 2011

Project location: Blaricummermeent, Blaricum, The Netherlands

Design year: 2004/2021

Year Built: 2008/2021

Manufacturer of urban equipment: Samson

Manufacturer of playground equipment: Robinia Acacia,  sports equipment: Denfit

Photography: Ricky Rijkenberg and LOOSvanVLIET

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