LILA 2021: Gepke Heun and Lodewijk van Nieuwenhuijze present H+N+S’ winning project

The winner of the LILA 2021 infrastructure category is Area development Ooijen-Wanssum in the Netherlands by H+N+S Landscape Architects. H+N+S already won LILA 2017 Office Award and we frequently feature their works.

In the Ooijen-Wanssum project, H+N+S have, in their very own Dutch way, invented a new dike typology – innovative terrain modelling for more efficient and sustainable land use and simpler maintenance.

The video also features two other super interesting projects, a renovation of an inner courtyard of a historic building in Leiden and EO Wijers Competition – a smart water management system that keeps water runoff to a minimum.

Landezine’s Zaš Brezar talks to Gepke Heun and Lodewijk van Nieuwenhuijze of H+N+S.

Visit H+N+S profile on Landezine

Published on October 11, 2021

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