Studio Vulkan Landschaftsarchitektur: The public foot- and cycle path on the Lettenviadukt links the open spaces along the river Limmat with the adjacent quarter Kreis 5. Offering the former railway viaduct as a route for pedestrians and cyclists generates a new viewing angle into the city. Within the historically listed building structure of the viaduct the route originally built to transport commuters and goods by train is transformed into an important urban connection. Using railway sleepers as a reference, the path consists of longitudinal concrete planks, sometimes aligned with seating elements. The planks are embedded into a gravel layer marking the extend of the original railway tracks. This loose gravel surface creates spaces for lizards, which occupy the railway viaduct as one of their main habitats.

Project name: Lettenviadukt foot- and cycle path
Landscape Architecture: Studio Vulkan Landschaftsarchitektur
Location: Zürich, Switzerland
Client: Municipality of Zurich
Design: 2004
Competition: 2004
Architecture Viaduktbögen: EM2N, Zürich
Implementation period: 2008-2010
Text: Studio Vulkan
Photos: René Rötheli


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