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It started in 1945 in a small metal shop in Eastern Finland. The original idea was to manufacture modern, durable, easy-to-use and beautiful outdoor furniture that all people could use. Now Lehtovuori is the oldest and largest street furniture manufacturer in Finland. Nowadays our main office and factory is located in Finland in a small city called Ylöjärvi. Officially we started exporting our products in 1995 and outside of Finland we are better known as FINBIN. You can see our products in over 40 different countries. We have 26 distributors across the globe. We also have our own subsidiary in Sweden called Finbin Sverige Ab. Our product portfolio includes litter and recycling bins, smart litter bins, bicycle stands and shelters, bus shelters and benches.

Our mission – committed to happiness

Creating clean and sustainable environments to ensure the happiness of people and the well-being of nature.

History is our asset

We have helped our customers develop urban environments since 1945 – in over 40 countries. This experience gives us valuable insight into durable solutions that are suitable for many different environments. Our accumulated competence is also useful for ensuring that our products serve all users, from maintenance staff to end-users.

Design is our passion

We know that good design can help influence people’s behaviour. An attractive product, for example, boosts recycling. Our Scandinavian design can be crystallised in the idea that form follows function. Our products are designed to be modern, functional, attractive and of a high quality.

Sustainable development is our value
We aim at sustainable resource use and energy efficiency in our operations. We say no to the consumption of disposables. We use metal as our primary raw material because it is the most widely recycled material in the world. We have developed a geothermal system to improve our energy efficiency. The system recovers the cooling energy from our production machines, which can be used for heating in the winter.

Quality is our foundation

High quality is our contribution to sustainable development. We only make products that endure time. People are the main factor in the creation of quality. Our professional staff take pride in creating unique experiences of quality. Our quality chain begins from customer service and an understanding of customer needs. It continues with our designers’ skilfulness and drive to design timeless, durable products. Our quality process results in polished products in the hands of our accomplished and committed professionals. The right tools and materials are also part of quality.


We focus on technological development and the creation of new ideas to provide customers with increased added value and to build our future. Our history is an advantage in technological development. It helps us understand trends. Experience improves our ability to look into the future and understand our customers’ future needs for products and services.

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