Lecture: Klaske Havik – Reading And Writing Architecture – Landezine LIVE

Klaske Havik is associate professor of Architecture, Methods&Analysis at Delft University of Technology. She has developed a distinct research approach relating questions about the use, experience and imagination of place, to literary language. Her book Urban Literacy. Reading and Writing Architecture (2014) proposes a literary approach to architecture, landscape and urbanism, introducing the three notions description, transcription and prescription. Other publications include Writingplace, Investigations in Architecture and Literature (2016) and Architectural Positions: Architecture, Modernity and the Public Sphere (2009, co-edited with Tom Avermaete and Hans Teerds). As editor of the Dutch-Belgian peer reviewed architecture journal OASE, she edited, among other issues, OASE#91 Building Atmosphere (2013), OASE#85, Productive Uncertainty, (2011) and OASE 70 Architecture and Literature(2007). Havik’s literary work appeared in Dutch poetry collections and literary magazines.

Published on September 13, 2017

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