Lecture: Felixx at Landezine LIVE 2017

Felixx is a young office for proactive landscape architecture that received LILA People’s Choice Award 2016. One of the three founders, Michiel Van Driessche presented Felixx’s work at Landezine LIVE on January 20th 2017 in the Old Power Station in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Felixx was founded by Michiel Van Driessche, Deborah Lambert and Marnix Vink. The office designs public spaces, works on urban development plans, engineers landscape transformation strategies, and is involved in spatial research projects.

They say: “We believe landscape architecture can be instrumental in dealing with the environmental and societal challenges we are facing. A better world requires a better spatial organization of our living environment. Therefore Felixx explores landscape architecture as a pragmatic utopian practice. Engineering landscapes as smart spatial systems, while envisioning them as the paradisiacal environments to live in. By hitting this promising overlap between pragmatism and idealism, we want to improve the world we are living in and realize happy environments.”

Published on January 20, 2017

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