by Streetlife

Location: Brunnsparken, Gothenburg (SE)Streetlife products: Solid Edge System, Cliffhanger Park BenchesDelivery: 2020Landscape architect: White Arkitekter AB Residents meet while buses and trams travel in different directions towards their destination. Brunnsparken, one of the liveliest areas in Gothenburg, is due to its strategic location a meeting place for young and old, both crossing and waiting. However, […]

by City Design

We live in a world that is constantly changing, but there is one thing that always remains the same and that is the need for street furniture! We know it well: our goal has always been to spread good design all over the world, in every neighbourhood, in every city. We do it with passion […]

by Vectorworks

If you’ve made it this far, you’ve likely seen our first four installments, and you’re motivated to move to a BIM workflow. If you need more information, no worries! You can check in with our previous posts to learn more about the benefits of BIM for landscape, how it’s benefited other firms, and why Vectorworks […]

by Landscape Forms

The focus of Hudson River Park Trust’s redevelopment of New York City’s Pier 26 in Hudson River Park was the ecology of the Hudson River estuary. OLIN’s Philadelphia studio made it their mission to make those connections to the river deliberate and apparent. “The Trust looked at Hudson River Park’s Pier 26 as a platform […]

by Environment for Revit®

Compared to other disciplines represented in the AEC, landscape architecture is a small profession with very specific needs. Therefore, it’s natural that the solution for landscape architecture in BIM had to come from the inside. Perhaps that is why the Environment plugin we’re talking about today was created not by a huge software corporation, but […]

by Technical University of Ostwestfalen-Lippe

The role of sustainable design and development of urban open spaces and landscapes is becoming increasingly important and demands for international post-graduate programs focusing on these issues is growing. It is therefore crucial to enable students to acquire the qualifications to address the global challenges we are facing today in the context of urbanization and […]

by Vectorworks

For a long time, AutoCAD has been considered the software of choice for landscape architecture. There are many reasons why, a major one being it’s used for architecture as well (along with its BIM counterpart, Revit). Many firms find that AutoCAD doesn’t have enough dedicated capacity to support all of a landscape architect’s requirements, leading […]

by Vectorworks

There’s a lot of information to consider with BIM. Taking a look at a project by scape Landschaftsarchitekten can illustrate a few reasons why (and how) a dedicated BIM effort makes the design process a whole lot smoother and, as a result, more effective. 1. Standards for Everyone in the Project Increasingly, BIM is required […]

by Domani

We are pleased to introduce Domani’s covetable taupe bag, handcrafted from tactile suede. “Sturdy yet supple, this spacious bag contains a sample set of Domani’s full range of available colours and finishes, the lookbook, a copy of the L Catalog and the price list. The samples come in a roll-up bag for safekeeping, which is […]

by Vectorworks

The noticeable shift from 2D CAD in landscape architecture is in part due to external pressures. The UK’s requirement for BIM level 2 framework on all government-procured projects is the most notable. Even in places where there is no BIM mandate, there is some inherent pressure to deliver BIM files when working with consultants who […]

by Vectorworks

Building information modeling (BIM) can appear complicated if you’re new to it. How is it possible to manage potentially vast amounts of site information while remaining true to the project’s vision? And, perhaps more importantly, without getting overwhelmed or questioning the team’s commitment? Whether you’re approaching BIM confidently or with a bit of hesitation, this […]

by Bellitalia

Bellitalia has found a great challenge, that is to furnish the interior and exterior spaces of what could be the greatest public works under construction (2019), we are talking about the 36 stations of Doha (Qatar). The choice of Doha was to open at the same time all the 36 stations present along the 76 kilometers […]


Our mission is to create a more livable built environment, providing a high level of ecosystem services, by using green infrastructure like trees, soil, and on-site stormwater management. PLANT A BIG IDEA. WATCH IT CHANGE A CITY. DeepRoot Green Infrastructure develops solutions to enhance urban forests and surrounding watersheds along streets, parking lots, plazas, and […]


Lushna distinctive concept and lodging solutions are designed to bring the most intimate bond with nature without compromising on the comforts a hotel has to offer. Wooden signature, panoramic view and openness towards surrounding give Lushna products a strong visual identity. Lushna villas are as glamorous as the views they offer. Cute, harmonious, smart and […]

by Area

Well upstream to the demand of the market, AREA has developed a new approach: – Free: design without a priori – Creative: bring solutions without referent – Long-lasting: be directly interested in the projects, in contact with designers of public spaces to re-introduce the end user in the heart of his environment. AREA offers a […]

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