Adventure-Filled Playground Towers

Playgrounds and outdoor play do so much more than expend a child’s excess energy. Playing on a playground teaches children self-regulation, how to handle stressful situations, and increase self-confidence and self-esteem. Including exciting and interesting playground elements that test and challenge children of all ages and abilities increases these benefits.

Landscape Structures Inc., a Delano, Minn.-based commercial playground equipment manufacturer, is aware of the importance of designing challenge into its playground products as well as the overall playground environment. The company’s team of playground designers, conceptors, sculptors and artists work with clients to create playgrounds that offer exciting and challenging play activities to not only entice children to participate and be active but help them to fully develop a wide array of skills.

The best way to create an adventure-filled play experience for kids of all ages and abilities is to look for playground designs that incorporate many activities that encourage the progression of the play experience. Playground towers like the Alpha® Tower and Alpha Link® Towers, Super Netplex® and the PlayOdyssey® Tower all offer a variety of ground-level play components, plus deliver multiple climbing opportunities that take kids as high as they’d like and slide options along the way. Each of these playground towers help kids gain confidence through repeated and slow exposure to the new challenge.

Additionally, the Super Netplex provides an easy way to transfer and an accessible route to the top of the highest tower via its center spiral belting. Kids of all abilities can enjoy the view, hang out with friends and take a whooshy ride down one of the playground slides.

The research shows that if children are not provided with sufficiently challenging play opportunities, they may be more prone to problems such as mental health concerns, a lack of independence, and a decrease in learning, perception and judgement skills. Learn more about how to create adventure-filled playground designs using our various playground towers at And learn more about balancing safety and challenge in playground design by requesting our whitepaper.

Published on July 27, 2022