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Discover the Future of Playground Design in the 2024 PLAY Book

Well-designed play brings everyone together. It’s a philosophy that has guided Delano, Minn.-based commercial playground equipment manufacturer Landscape Structures Inc. in creating some of the most original and enchanting playgrounds around the world. As landscape architects and playground designers, the company believes in crafting spaces that are not just play areas but imaginative worlds for children.

The 2024 PLAY Book showcases Landscape Structures’ latest and most innovative projects, each embodying their commitment to creativity, community and play. Below is a sneak peek into what you can expect to see:

• Interactive Landscape Play: Playgrounds have been reimagined to offer diverse experiences. These designs incorporate topographical elements that encourage children to decide their next adventure, while adding immense play value.

• Harmonizing with Nature: Playgrounds designed by Landscape Structures can blend seamlessly with their natural surroundings or stand out as vibrant, creative landmarks. This approach fosters a connection with the environment, making each playground unique and exciting.

• Spotlight Projects: Dive into these key projects, each a testament to Landscape Structures’ design philosophy. From urban installations that bring communities together to nature-inspired playgrounds that spark endless imagination, these spaces are more than just play areas – they’re hubs of joy and creativity.

At the heart of Landscape Structures’ work is a belief that design serves play. This guiding principle has made the company industry leaders, known for building the world’s best playgrounds. Their playgrounds designs are more than physical structures; they’re catalysts for imagination, community-building, and fun.

Landscape Structures is proud to collaborate with landscape architects, playground designers and communities throughout the world. Together, they push the boundaries of design and play, creating spaces that inspire and delight.

One project highlighted in the 2024 PLAY Book is Peachtree Center Town Green in Peachtree Corners, Ga. The playground design, which features a “Peachtree Corners” sign spanning the walking bridge between two PlayBooster® towers, mirrors the full-size bridge that overlooks the highway at the entrance to town. Upgraded to engage older kids, the play space now includes a Quantis® net play system for climbing, another modern, arched net climber and over-under bars for fitness and fun. The twin towers of the custom PlayBooster playstructure provide lookout points and multiple slide options including a twisty, tube and double slide. Inclusivity was key in this design so many ground-level events were incorporated along with the inclusive We-Go-Swing®. This playground design accommodates children of all abilities, making it a dynamic, fun-filled environment for the entire community.

With the 2024 PLAY Book, your next playground project can be a beacon of creativity and joy. Go here to get a digital glimpse of the innovative approaches and designs in the virtual publication or request a physical copy for a tactile experience and explore the designs in detail. Then contact your local Landscape Structures playground consultant to begin crafting a play space that inspires. The company is looking forward to working together to create spaces where play and imagination know no bounds.

Published on November 22, 2023