Commercial Shade Structures

Meet the demands of heat and sun protection with SkyWays® shade structures

There are many types of shade structures for the protection from sun and harsh elements. Commercial shade sails also enhance the aesthetics of the outdoor area at any organization, school, community park, pool or restaurant. Landscape Structures Inc., a Delano, Minn.-based commercial playground equipment manufacturer, offers flexible and stylish shade options to make everywhere that people gather outside more comfortable.

Shade canopies offer the simplest design and are great for areas without a lot of available ground space. SkyWays® Single Post Pyramids and Single Post Hypar Shade are an ideal solution for spaces needing to shade a single area on a tight budget.

A cantilever shade is the most universal commercial shade option. SkyWays Cantilever Single Post Pyramid and Cantilever Hips offer a low profile with posts in the back of the structure and the canopy supported by suspension braces underneath. These shades are designed for spaces that need to keep posts to a minimum, and create a cool, open feel. They are particularly well-suited for pools, covered parking, bleachers, playgrounds and outdoor seating areas.

Hip shade structures are popular and a great choice for both large and small areas. Hip shades offer stability and a clean roofline that can either be slanted or straight across. The slanted roofline offers protection from both sun and inclement weather. Consider SkyWays Two Post Hips, supported by just two columns, to provide more than 300 square feet of protection. Or for large shade in a tight space, try the SkyWays Single Post Hypar.

For an eye-catching design, multi-panel shade structures are a great option. The SkyWays Hexagon, Single Layer or Double Layer are aesthetically pleasing due to the use of different fabrics and materials. Multi-panel structures are typically hexagon or octagon shaped and best suited for large, round areas. While the overlapping panels block even more UV rays, there isn’t much protection from inclement weather.

Shade sails are another stunning option for sun and heat protection. Like multi-panel shade structures, shade sails provide shelter from sun and heat only. The SkyWays Triangle Sail, a three-post design that covers a large space and provides a unique look with varying column heights, is best suited for open air venues such as pool areas, splash pads and play areas.

Integrated shade structures are critical for outdoor play helping to protect children and playground equipment from the intense sun. SkyWays Integrated shade can be used on Netplex® structures, with single or multiple-bay swings, and over the ZipKrooz® zipline or Sway Fun® Glider.

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Published on August 24, 2021