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Hedra® provides a world where the next move is always the right one. A world where kids can safely navigate via their own intuition and curiosity. Where experiences and activities can’t be counted, only created. Hedra offers the permission kids need to invent and reinvent routes, games, imaginary environments, and personal bests. It is one world with endless outcomes. A world where the answer is always YES, and…

The Hedra® Collection consists of Hedra for ages 5 to 12, Hedra Scout for ages 2 to 5 and Hedra Towers for ages 5 to 12 that are custom towers that can be configured to connect to one or more Hedra Towers.

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Contact Information

888-438-6574 (toll-free, USA and Canada)

763-972-5200 (everywhere else)

Website: playlsi.com

Email: info@playlsi.com

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