Simple, Stylish & Suited for Anywhere: Introducing the Every Day Chair

New from the Landscape Forms design team, the Every Day Chair is simple, stylish and easy to get along with. It’s honest and straightforward in its materials and construction—a balance of refinement and utilitarianism that makes it at home in a wide variety of outdoor environments.

In spirit, the Every Day Chair is a relative of the vintage camp and sling outdoor chairs whose no-fuss designs have become symbols of good times spent outside. Every Day Chair brings this philosophy into the modern era, combining precisely bent wire and steel strapping to create a chair that’s more robust and public-space-ready while also being breezy, visually lighter, and more welcoming in its gentle curves and softened edges.

“Using this combination of wire and strapping, we’ve created a chair that’s simple yet also visually interesting and fun,” describes Landscape Forms Director of Design, Ryan Heiser. “The Every Day Chair builds on our expertise in metal forming and welding to offer comfort, functionality and a fresh style that’s at-home virtually anywhere.”

But don’t let its casual, carefree attitude fool you—the Every Day Chair is built to last. Formed and welded all-metal construction means the chair can confidently withstand stacking and repeated reconfiguration. A sled base bolsters structural integrity and offers more stability on a variety of surfaces including grass and gravel. And Landscape Forms’ proprietary Pangard II® powdercoat makes for enduring, vibrant color that resists chipping, peeling, and fading outside in the elements.

Every Day Chairs are available with or without arms, are easily storable, and are readily configurable, making for a minimalist yet sophisticated solution for outdoor dining, gathering and multi-purpose event spaces. Its focus on adaptability in design makes the Every Day Chair a go-to solution for settings whose layout and purpose may change on a season-to-season or even day-to-day basis. Sit back, settle in, and experience a new icon of outdoor enjoyment—day in day out, time and time again.

Published on March 28, 2024

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