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MEGA MAX: Discover a New Sense of Scale for Outdoor Shade

With sizes ranging from 16 to 24 feet across, Ocean Master MEGA MAX Classic extra-large parasols from Tuuci are absolute comfort without compromise.

They’re statement pieces opening up new possibilities for flexible, programmable and multifunctional outdoor space—think multiple tables or lounge areas all brought together underneath a single shade element.

Well suited for resort and hospitality settings, corporate and education campuses, outdoor dining destinations, and multi-family residential areas, MEGA MAX’s sheer size and coverage transcend parasol territory to offer an experience almost like an outdoor room. Yet MEGA MAX retains the elegance, ambiance and adaptability of a Tuuci parasol, swiftly and easily delivering a variety of upscale outdoor experiences throughout the day and evening.

Born from Tuuci’s heritage of high-end marine design, MEGA MAX is a dynamic duet of performance and style. The expansive collapsible shade is designed to safely withstand high winds up to 45 mph sustained and gusts up to 75 mph, meaning while smooth and easy to close, MEGA MAX can remain open as a beacon of shelter, comfort and hospitality despite some of the harshest conditions.

Tailoring the atmosphere underneath a MEGA MAX is simplified with dual LED luminaires offering independently dimmable up and down light. Key for such a large-format parasol—the largest ever offered by Landscape Forms—MEGA MAX also incorporates innovative performance elements to ensure set-up and operation are smooth, safe and confidence inspiring. A new hinged anchor plate enables the parasol to be secured prior to standing upright, while the telescoping mast allows MEGA MAX to deploy with a graceful gesture, gently lifting up while opening to reduce interference with furniture.

MEGA MAX’s durable, all-weather canopy is offered in a wide variety of colors, and the robust aluminum mast and reinforced ribs can be finished in either a solid color powdercoat or the warm wood grain of Aluma-TEAK. Engineered for utmost strength and durability, with modular components for ease of service, MEGA MAX parasols enjoy long, beautiful lives in the elements while reducing their environmental impact.

Published on June 21, 2023

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