From the Outdoor Office to the Street Café: Introducing Backdrop

Backdrop by Landscape Forms is an innovative system of modular panels, posts and accessories that presents a purposeful and powerful solution for every site. Its intent is simple yet vitally important—to define the outdoor spaces where people want to be. Yet there’s more to creating inviting spaces than simply physical delineation. Equally important is the human, emotional component—how these spaces make people feel, where these spaces appear in their daily lives, and the types of moments these spaces help inspire.

Backdrop uses its structural modularity, functional versatility, and aesthetic customizability to thoughtfully address all these key factors. It understands both the material and immaterial aspects of defining space by creating outdoor destinations that are as surprising as they are intuitively welcoming. Backdrop’s potential footprints are virtually limitless, ranging from an individual booth or nook, to a productive work and meeting space, to a large and branching outdoor gathering and dining space.

Wall-height and bar-height panels in straight or L-shaped configurations are the adaptable base units of Backdrop, offering customized layouts, functions, and degrees of enclosure. Between the posts, infill panels can be slatted, perforated, glass, planted greenscreen or louvered to enhance ambiance and tailor visual transparency.

Accompanying Backdrop’s modular panels is a collection of accessories to humanize a configuration’s feeling and functionality. Integrated tables in standing or dining height create comfortable spaces for a meal, work, or conversation. Wood or metal bar tops placed on bar-height panels create casual, two-sided seating. Configurable bike racks, coat racks, and shelving units offer secure storage for personal items. Glass whiteboard panels enable collaboration, presentation, and interactivity. Built-in benches provide additional seating, and Backdrop’s power garage offers convenient charging for mobile devices cleanly integrated within its posts.

Elegantly designating natural spaces, guiding the flow of passersby, and welcoming people to stop an interact, Backdrop flows with an environment’s existing features and inspires the lives of the people who engage with it. Placed along people’s daily paths—such as on corporate and university campuses, streetscapes, residential communities, and shopping and hospitality venues—Backdrop offers a place for focus and productivity, a bite to eat, an impromptu conversation, or a moment to recharge.

Published on August 25, 2022

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