GO OutdoorTable: Connecting People and Technology Outdoors

2020 gave us a deep-found appreciation for the value of the outdoors. And while people are starting to head back into the office to work, the enjoyment of working and socializing in outdoor spaces is here to stay. The programming of outdoor spaces has responded according to the need. People expect amenities that support their outdoor activities, including amenities found in the indoor workplace: power, WiFi, and accommodations for team meetings or individual focused work.

When Landscape Forms introduced the GO Outdoor Table, the world wasn’t in the midst of a global pandemic. But one thing hasn’t changed in the years since the table was introduced: GO is a destination where people connect to each other, connect to the outdoors, and power their devices as well as their minds and spirits.

GO brings the communal table outdoors with power delivery via GO’s solar panels or electrical access. It creates a focal point and a gathering place in settings where people live, learn, work, dine, play, and travel.

GO has an appealing sleek and simple profile that enables multiple functions. Its large, smooth top is an ideal surface for writing and for accommodating multiple laptops, while its rounded edges offer a comfortable perch for hands and arms when using devices. The table’s aluminum material dissipates heat, keeping surfaces comfortable to the touch even in hot climates. And its hollow frame channels technology out of sight to power the activities at hand. With the canopy, GO becomes a spatial anchor that provides shelter, glare reduction, and the capability for lighting, solar power, and monitor mounting. GO is offered in standing or dining heights and with or without stools or chairs.

Published on December 8, 2021

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