Connect 2.0 Transit Shelters: Inspiring people in motion.

 “We set out to convey a personal atmosphere to anonymous public areas and to make the use of public transport a pleasant, relaxing experience.” (Tobias Adami, Creative Director at Designworks, a BMW Group Company)

Drawing from Landscape Forms’ expertise in designing elegant, high-profile outdoor spaces and the deep knowledge in the art and science of moving people at Designworks, a BMW Group company, Connect 2.0 shelters elevate the transit experience with simplicity, sophistication, and scalability. A collaboration between the two design and engineering leaders, the innovative shelter system utilizes modular center support to join shelter bays, easily expanding and contracting based on a site’s needs—all while maintaining a clean and intentional design presence.

Across its breadth of possibilities, Connect 2.0’s minimalist design intent remains clear—let visual simplicity shine in order to quietly complement surrounding architecture and landscaping. The shelters are timeless design expressions that beautify people’s moments in motion with the physical and aesthetic adaptability to enhance the branding of transit systems in public and private settings alike.

Within transit systems and municipalities, on corporate, healthcare, and university campuses, and in a variety of other public and private outdoor spaces, Connect 2.0 is the building block for relevant, modern transportation systems through its specific focus on scalability and adaptability. ADA-compliant modular bays create shelters in 8’, 12’, 16’ and 24’ and custom lengths, enabling Connect 2.0 to offer the specificity of a custom shelter solution with greater value and ease of specification.

The system also offers a remarkable degree of aesthetic and functional flexibility to give planners, landscape designers and architects the options to create specific solutions that best suit their site designs. Powered either via grid or solar panels, integrated and layered LED lighting can subtly illuminate sidewalks, curbs, and the shelter’s interior and immediate surroundings. Different configurations of tempered, laminated safety glass side panels offer varying degrees of enclosure while maintaining an open and airy visual presence.  Glass, honeycomb aluminum panel, and aluminum louvered roof options create unique design statements that also address site requirements and climate conditions. Aluminum panel and louver roofs are finished in Landscape Forms’ proprietary Pangard II® polyester powdercoat available in a full palette of colors to reinforce existing branding and create a cohesive identity across transit destinations.

Whatever the characteristics of a particular site, or the nature of its design, Connect 2.0 no doubt provides a unique opportunity to take the experience of using public transport to a new level.

Published on May 27, 2022

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