manufactured by Landscape Forms

The Typology Collection is an innovative seating and lighting system that adds dynamic new dimension to any site, enveloping the visitor—both from above and below—in an immersive experience. Sculptural elements play in both the vertical and horizontal planes, incorporating both light and shadow, to draw the eyes skyward then back to the earth with signature design features.

To create the Typology Collection, Landscape Forms partnered with Designworks, a BMW Group company, an international leader in product development and industrial design. Drawing on insights from the future of urban landscapes, mobility demands of the new public space, and global workplace and transportation cultures, the collaboration leverages the award-winning teams’ complementary expertise in product innovation, artful design, and state-of-the-art manufacturing.

The Typology Collection is systematic and adaptable, living comfortably in both new and existing architectural environments to guide the movement of traffic and create unique, three-dimensional spaces that invite and connect, surprise and inspire. The materials are elegant and refined, yet resilient and enduring—cast aluminum and concrete run as a common thread through the collection to create a unified visual and tactile experience. Technological advances in manufacturing and lighting integration challenge preconceptions of form and space. ​

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