Air Collection

manufactured by Landscape Forms

Inspiration is in the air. The Air Collection begins a new chapter in Landscape Forms’ long-standing collaborative relationship with Barcelona-based design firm, Escofet. It is inspired by the concept of “lightness,” both as a physical characteristic and as an aesthetic captured in the playful and casual presence the Air Collection brings to outdoor settings.

Constructed of rotomolded high-density polyethylene (HDPE) with hollow interiors, the Air Collection’s five seating elements, Extasi, Fortunato, Twig, Starfish and Stul, translate Escofet’s bold, iconic aesthetic to a material that’s light, durable and versatile. The collection is perfectly suited for adaptable and programmable outdoor spaces, indoor spaces, transition spaces, and on rooftops, decks and balconies.

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A breath of fresh air for the landscape.

The Air Collection’s personality is one of celebration, leisure, freedom, spontaneity, and the sustainable revival of social outdoor spaces. Thanks to its lightness and portability, the collection can be both programmable or fixed in place. Unanchored, Air enables people to create their own layout in situ, but with optional hidden surface mounts or sand ballast, the seating elements can take on a more permanent presence. Additionally, HDPE opens up a world of color like few other materials can, ranging from vibrant showpieces to calming, earth toned complements. All white pieces offer the added option of internal lighting to create a dramatic glow at night.

Despite their rigidity, Air Collection seating elements have a distinct softness—a micro-textured surface provides a pleasant tactile experience, while generously rounded edges and corners give the appearance of pliability.

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