Park am Gleisdreieck

Atelier LOIDL: In the heart of Kreuzberg, the Eastern part of Berlin’s new, big inner-city park will open on September 2nd, 2011: The “Park am Gleisdreieck”, a former triangular junction. Since1945 the area of the Anhalter and Potsdamer railway yards, for decades an enclave of the East German state railway “Reichsbahn”, was waste land. Now, for the first time, this tract of land has been reintegrated into urban structure. The impressive expanse and the other-worldliness of the plateau-like grounds which lie four meters above city level as well as the relicts of the former railway junction make the park unique in Berlin.

For the winners of the international competition of 2006, the Berlin landscape architects of Atelier Loidl, the planning of the park “Am Gleisdreieck” was a great challenge. Only with a good portion of diplomatic consultations, gentle unyieldingness and power of persuasion was it possible to consequently construct a clearly defined and modern park. With the „Park am Gleisdreieck“, a location has been created that restores landscape archi-tecture to the basic essentials. Without any decoration, urban spaces are formed, unfolding their full potential through fine details, sensual materials und vegetation.

By means of an exceptionally large-scale and clear configuration, Atelier Loidl Landscape Architects stage the contrast between “grown” uncultivated land and artificially-built vege-tative elements. Thus many poetical types of scenery are created, together forming one big landscape: the freedom of the meadows, the backdrops of trees, the forest, the nursery, the large terraces, the small woods, the sport tracks, and the central plaza.

All elements of the park have been designed in full scale in accordance with the landscape. The 80 meters long bench sculptures on the terraces and the luminaires, crossing the park as differently folded masts, form their own large sculpture, characterizing the entire site. With the „Park am Gleisdreieck“ Berlin has gained one more green attraction. The final completion of the area comprising a total of 40 hectares extending over Kreuzberg and Schöneberg is expected in 2013. On Freitag, September 2nd, at 14:00, the Park will be officially opened by the Federal-LandBerlin, represented by the Senator for Urban Development, Mrs. Ingeborg Junge-Reyert. Grün Berlin GmbH has organized a celebration for citizens with a wide-ranging opening program which will continue until Saturday evening.

Landscape Architecture: Atelier LOIDL
Project was rewarded with the Silver Urban Quality Award 2011.
Location: Berlin, Germany
Completed: 2011
Photos: Julien Lanoo

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