Landezine LIVE / September 29 / Ljubljana, Slovenia

The second Landezine LIVE is over. We couldn’t have done it without support. Big thanks go to all offices that submitted entries to LILA 2017, our local sponsors (Hauraton, Fibran, Ziegler, Oblak and Modro), LILA jury members, speakers at the event, visitors and media partners. We will upload some clips from the event in next weeks. For now, you can see some nice still images by Nada Žgank.

10:10 INTRODUCTION: Zaš Brezar, Robert Schäfer
10:20 Udo Weilacher
11:05 Sponsor’s 10′: Hauraton
11:15 Perry Lethlean – T.C.L. – Taylor Cullity Lethlean
12:00 BREAK

13:30 Angela Rui, Maja Vardjan / BIO 25
13:40 LILA Introduction
13:50 Thomas Krarup / COBE
14:35 Luc Wallays / OMGEVING
15:15 BREAK

15:45 Sponsor’s 10′: Fibran Nord
15:55 Jury Award presentation: Chih-Wei GV Chang / SWA Group
16:10 Olivier Phillipe / Agence Ter
16:55 Hank van Tilborg / H+N+S Landscape Architects
17:40 BREAK

18:00 Round Table: Beyond Green (moderator: Robert Schäfer, guests: Udo Weilacher, Perry Lethlean, Thomas Krarup, Hank van Tilborg)
19:00 Wine



Udo Weilacher

Technische Universitaet Munchen (Germany) / Prof. Weilacher researches the links between modern landscape architecture, the visual arts and garden design history in conjunction with forward-looking urban and cultivated landscape developments. The focus lies on the sustainable alteration of industrial landscapes to make new space for human habitation and nature. Read more

Perry Lethlean

Perry Lethlean was a LILA 2017 jury member. He will present projects by T.C.L. – Taylor Culity Lethlean (Australia) that deal with issues concerning urban environment.

Thomas Krarup

COBE (Denmark) won LILA 2017 Public Choice Award for their project Nørreport Station in Copenhagen. Thomas will present the design process behind the project.

Olivier Philippe

Agence Ter (France) won LILA 2017 Jury Award for their project Saint Ouen – Park At The Docks. From the jury report: “Saint Ouen – Park at The Docks is a complex landscape system that offers optimistic answers to questions concerning social equity and water resilience. Agence Ter demonstrated excellent skills to design a multifunctional, generous and inclusive social platform that offers various uses (including growing food). At the same time, it works as a sponge, providing space for water during heavy rains and floods. Jury members agreed passionately that this project will send the right message to the professional community on how to design liveable urban spaces for the future as well as to everyone else on how we should all be able to use open spaces in the times ahead of us.

Luc Wallays

OMGEVING (Belgium) won LILA 2017 Public Choice Award in “office” category. Luc Wallays, office manager, will present OMGEVING’s recent projects.


Hank van Tilborg

HNS Landscape Architects (Netherlands) is the winner of LILA 2017 Jury Award in “office” category. Hank van Tilborg, director, will present their work that mostly concerns large scale interventions. From the jury report: “H+N+S has through an engineering approach successfully developed large scale thinking about landscape, integrating aspects concerning energy, environment, well-being and aesthetics. They feature a consistent opus of brave interventions in landscape, often with ingenious and innovative solutions. H+N+S is a relevant force in our common task to find and develop new tools for overcoming the challenges concerning landscape today and in the future.


Published on September 30, 2017

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