Lakkegata recreation park

Asplan Viak: The extension of Lakkegata school´s recreation grounds is a new public urban space that will benefit the whole neighbourhood, also outside school hours. Children and teenagers in the area now have a new meeting place and space for activity. The goal is to create a safe space in an area previously known for unwanted activity.

A pedestrian path provides a structural element that connects the various elements of the park. Activities and meeting places are organised along this path and a series of stepped retaining walls reinforce this axis through the park whilst providing seating in varying heights.

The subtle, but meticulous, detail design provides functionality to a space designed for durability. The materiality of the project consists of concrete, lacquered steel, wood and vegetation. The inherent colours of these materials and the context provide the basis for the colour palette, whilst the steel has a white finish for tall elements and nuances of blue/mint on smaller elements.

The square has a slight incline towards a 230 m2 rain garden, which collects the surface water for filtration into the ground. The existing trees, lawn and rain garden gives this urban space a lush expression.

In order to create an inclusive space, with special appeal to girls, the main strategy is a variation of non-competitive activities that make space for unorganised activity.

The functional organisation along the main axis creates an open situation where you can move through the park and choose which space and activity to participate in.

The roof is an important element that creates a sheltered and more intimate space in the park. It is big enough for a whole class of school children or several families and provides additional facilities like a water fountain and barbeque. The roof is designed to integrate with the rest of the park, both spatially and in form and materiality, with a white lacquered steel construction and glass that allows space beneath to be bathed in light filtered through the trees above. The roof is composed of two overlapping frames and six columns. The composition allows a heavy structure to appear lighter and creates a free flow of movement beneath and around it.

Another important attraction in the park is the pump track/skatepark, specifically designed for beginners and children on wheels of all kinds. It is designed by Betongpark, who are specialists in the field.

Short office name:  Asplan Viak

Website: www.

Role of your office in the project: Landscape architect, architect, structural engineer, electrical engineer and water and waste consultant

Project location: Lakkegata, Oslo, Norway

Design year: 2018

Year Built: 2019

Metalco ArchInteligence

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