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Location: Copenhagen / Denmark / Type: Atriums / Built: 2008 /
Published on July 10, 2009

SLA has designed a courtyard with curvy, bodily shapes which contrasts the edgy appearance of the building. It has the rounded shapes of a painter’s palette. But instead of paint, the substance of the colours consists of different kinds of vegetation in altering heights. As a cornucopia of colours and changing foliage the courtyard garden becomes a big splash of Nature in the middle of the building, creating a completely new sense of place. The framing of the different floral fragments generates with the shifting heights a dynamic and unified whole. And the multiple organic typologies conceive various spaces and modes of use while the courtyard with its changing texture becomes a changeable sensory experience.

Location: Christianshavn, Copenhagen, Denmark
Client: AB Lagkagehuset
Team: Stig L. Andersson, Ulla Hornsyld, Rikke Geertsen, Hanne Bruun Møller
Design phase: 2007
Construction: 2008
Area: 550 m2

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