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Budapest’s XIX district, Kispest Municipality, had an ambitious plan for a comprehensive renovation of its public spaces. The District Municipality has presented a tender proposal focused on revamping the areas in front of the Kispest Kossuth Square market and the Trefort High School Square.

The primary objective of this grant initiative is to rejuvenate the district’s public spaces, streets, and associated structures in an environmentally sustainable manner, achieved through a series of interconnected interventions, with a key emphasis on physically renewing public spaces and implementing innovative programs.

Kossuth Square in Kispest is a vibrant urban oasis, where the boundaries between community, recreation, and environmental consciousness blur. In the heart of this square in front of the high school, a sports facility takes centre stage, serving as a hub for physical activity and wellness. Adjacent to it, a “Sitting Terrace” unfolds, resembling a sculptural piece that beckons residents to connect, unwind, and engage with the space.

Upon further venture versatile features have been designed to cater to individuals of all ages. Here, chess tables and a ping-pong table, integrated into the sports building, invite playful competition and intellectual stimulation. Our design introduces a Street Sports Zone, where the thrill of strengthening exercises, favoured by the youth, finds a home. For those seeking a meditative escape, the design proposes the art of Slacklining—a tranquil, balance-focused sport requiring minimal equipment. Anchoring points offer the perfect backdrop for beginners’ practice sessions, with strap lengths ranging from 10 to 20 meters.

Underneath the sports field, a 12-space parking has been built, seamlessly connected to a pedestrian zone. Continuing further, the Sitting Terrace reveals itself as arrangement of cubes of varying heights, crafted from smooth concrete—a multifunctional space inviting conversations, relaxation, and play. To add an organic touch, a cluster of trees seamlessly integrates with sitting area. Adjacent to the Sitting Terrace, a Plant Runner Grid planted with lush creepers creates a harmonious composition. Three Streetball backboards on the parking lot side of the grid provide opportunities for sports activities, transforming the area with each closure of the parking lot.

The design optimizes parking lot usage, restricting vehicular access only on market days. Folding bollards, as indicated in the plans, allow for car-free days, enhancing the square’s versatility. Moreover, a strategically designed road system along Kosárfonó Street considers pedestrians’ routes, seamlessly connecting to key destinations such as the market, school, and the metro stop.

Tree cover has been dramatically increased throughout the square. This transformation is most notable in the parking lot, which previously lacked greenery. Green lanes separating parking spaces serve a dual purpose: housing trees and aiding drainage, offering a more ecological approach to water management. Additionally, amenity grass, shrubs, and perennial plants enrich the gently sloping green spaces, ensuring the square’s aesthetic appeal aligns with its user preferences.

The landscape architecture concept envisions a renewed square that transcends traditional expectations, providing a dynamic, inclusive, and environmentally responsible urban gem for all to cherish and enjoy.

Project Data

Landscape Architecture: Lépték-Terv 
Other designers involved in the design of landscape:
Phase I – Kádár Komplex Kft., Vialux Kft., Mata-Dór Kft. (2008)
Phase II & III – EKHO Építész Műterem Kft., Pest-Terv Kft., Vialux Kft., Rilti Kft.,
Komáromi Gergely, K. Boda Ilona, Bisothka Noémi, Biodigit Kft., Verdure Bt. (2017)

Project Location: District XIX, Budapest
Design year: 2017
Manufacturer of urban equipment: Színrelép Kft. (sports field)

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